Sport Scientist

As a sport scientist you will be an integral in evaluating and optimising human performance, allied healthcare and well-being the application of scientific principles and evidence-based practices. Your role will involve conducting performance assessments (physical, physiological, biomechanical and tactical), contributing to data insights, assisting in the planning of interventions to optimize performance.

Strength & Conditioning Coach

As a Strength and Conditioning Coach, you will be involved in informed intervention physical performance, allied healthcare, and well-being for individuals of varying fitness levels, including athletes and recreational enthusiasts. Your role extends beyond traditional programming and goal setting to include undertaking assessments that inform intervention in a group led holistic approach to optimise potential.

Sport physiotherapist

As a Sport Physiotherapist specializing in prehabilitation and preventive care, you will co in optimizing athletic performance and reducing the risk of injuries. Your focus will be on designing and implementing proactive interventions to enhance athletes' physical resilience, movement quality, and overall well-being.

Exercise Physiologist

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