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Performance Testing

Professional on-demand services of fitness and performance testing provided by GPTQA accredited and experienced personnel nationally.

Sport & Health Science

Latest technologies for assessing and tracking health, performance and physiology for baselining, development and injury prevention.

Research & Development

Match and individual athlete analysis systems with trained team specialising in sport science, exercise physiology, allied health and AI.

Training & Accreditation

Professional development, accreditation and training services in performance testing, sport science, AI and data analysis.

In-house services

Pune, India

High performance studio

Based in Pune, our exceptional facility offers one-on-one and small group training with the latest equipment covering every aspect from testing to intervention.

Test lab

Our state of the art Test Lab provides an array of leading technologies for assessments in 3D movement, composition, motion, power and isolated patterns to help maximise performance and reduce injury.

AI & data analytics

Our team can help predict player performance through AI & data analysis. A service that offers comprehensive data to players, coaches and fans.

In-house Bundles

3 session
11 session
84 Day
Base Transformation
84 Day Premium
Peak Performance
111 Day Premium

Health & Wellness


Wellbeing in the workplace creates improved productivity, motivation and a feeling of belonging for staff and management.

Health & Wellness


Physical and mental health in the classroom creates inspiring learning and we focus on the student and teachers wellbeing in combination.

Health & Wellness


Protection of athletes health for longevity and success is now essential practice and we offer services to reinforce their physical and mental development and improve injury prevention from the beginning of their career

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