111 Day – Premium – Exclusive


A 71-session transformation plan scheduled across 16 weeks inclusive of consultations, testing and training sessions. One-to-one consultations with our team of Sport Scientist, Exercise Physiologist, Strength and Conditioning coach. These are planned pre and post-allied health and fitness assessments to achieve baseline understanding. A curation of 65 individual training sessions at our high-performance studio led by our team.

*Prices are inclusive of GST


The 111-day premium exclusive bundle is curated for dedicated and accessible guidance in your journey to achieve your goals. A team comprising an exercise physiologist, strength and conditioning coach, and sports science practitioners will work with you throughout your test, track, and train journey. The initial consultation with our exercise and sport science practitioners is scheduled to understand your training history, experience, and goals. The assessments scheduled pre-, mid-, and post-training sessions allow for objective baselining, tracking, and progressive evaluations. The tailor-made periodised program designed by our multi-disciplinary team will be delivered in our high-performance studio.

Duration: 16 weeks

Number of consultations: 3

Number of training sessions: 65

Number of assessment sessions: 3 (pre-, mid- and post-training sessions)

Recommended commitment: 5 days/week