Performance Testing

On demand to suit your needs

For schools, sporting clubs and academies across India, we can provide professional assessments for baselining, talent identification and development on-site as an on-demand service.

Sport & health Science

Elite expertise from around the world

Led by our founders, the Reign team have exceptional experience in sport and health sciences that translates directly to your athlete and coach excellence.
Performance bundle

High Performance Studio

An innovative environment

Based in Pune, our exceptional facility offers one-on-one and small group training with the latest equipment covering every aspect from assessment to intervention.

The Test Lab

Applied Health Tech

Our state of the art Test Lab provides an array of leading technologies for assessments in 3D movement, composition, motion, power and isolated patterns to help maximise performance and reduce injury.

Virtual Game Analysis

Easing game analytics pressure

Our team of expert game coders provide efficient and fast match analysis from the pre-recorded game allowing your coaching team to focus on improvement and tactical development.

Research & Development

Always one step ahead

Research and validation is in our DNA and we align to institutes around the world to support research and development in protocols and technologies.